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Stay Protected

The video work on these pages was originally made not just as something to watch, but as a proposition of something to do. 

If you are an artist.

Amongst the things that you will probably have to do in your quest to become an artist is to find a means of creating simple symbolic forms, exploiting them as original avant-garde items and then living with them as you get older and they become increasingly liable to valid criticism that either lack of interest or slavish pandering didn't provoke at the time. Finding that form is always a problem, though, so you may want to look around the real world to find out what is available in terms of simplified symbolism and then steal it.

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Stay Protected


All you have to do is to rent the title or titles that you are interested in. To do so, please get in touch here, giving the videos that you are interested in, the dates of your screenings, the place to which you require shipping and the format that you can screen the video in.