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Teach youself German

The video work on these pages was originally made not just as something to watch, but as a proposition of something to do. 

If you are an artist.

You know that you should have done this earlier, with more enthusiasm end application, but you never did. Here at least is a reason to do it and an infallable method. Nothing is more daunting than the idea that you are going to have to spend three years in Duisberg in order to get your head around the German language, especially if you can't see any real use for it in your social or professional life (in bars, drinking, in front of your building, smoking), so rather than leave you daunted, here you have something useful to do in a weekend, without spoiling it.

All of these films can be seen in full on a real screen

Teach yourself German 1


All you have to do is to rent the title or titles that you are interested in. To do so, please get in touch here, giving the videos that you are interested in, the dates of your screenings, the place to which you require shipping and the format that you can screen the video in.