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Habiting Paris

The video work on these pages was originally made not just as something to watch, but as a proposition of something to do. 

If you are an artist.

If you want to be involved in the world of art, then you have to involve yourself in the world, so here is a way into the realms of sociology.

Habiting Paris



All of these films can be seen in full on a real screen

All you have to do is to rent the title or titles that you are interested in. To do so, please get in touch here, giving the videos that you are interested in, the dates of your sceenings, the place to which you require shipping and the format that you can screen the video in.

Les Petites Expertises/Little Expert/Kleinekunstler constitue a series of video œuvres concerning both the status of the artist as video maker and the history of experimental film and video. Each film or video is specifically referenced to an artistic practice or a genre of film language. The simplist ones are performances orientated towards a definition of human physical capacity to acheive more or less difficult acts which define generative capabilities. Do thes generative capabilities produce artistic endeavour, or status ? 

The short physical pieces, such as Do you have what an Artist takes/Avez vous l’étoffe des Artistes, are invitations to do thing ; mostly relatively easy, often imperceptible gestures. Can you make an artist out of that ? 

In a concern to widen the field of artistic progress, some of the refer to other approaches, such as Sociology. ExpertisesLes habitants de Paris/Paris in habitants was shot on the banks of the Seine, côté Bercy, and is the first stage in a global study of the people of Paris. To proceed any further requires a demographic study.